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Protect Your Rig. Make a Motor Check analysis a part of your regular maintenance. Motor Check provides results you can depend upon.

  • We understand that time is money. We get the job done, to keep you on the road and out of the shop.
  • We welcome all repair shops, yards and services facilities – nationwide.
  • Protect your investment. Protect your wallet – whether you are making your haul or buying or selling a rig.
  • We care as much for the light rig as we do for the big-boys. Pickups and light trucks count!
  • Our oil analysis kits can be coordinated and expedited on Your Schedule
  • Rely on Motor Check and don’t wait until your back is against the wall.
  • If you still have questions send us an email or give us a call at 561-684-7799.
  • MOTOR CHECK Oil Analysis Clinic believes in environmentally friendly practices. We dispose of our oil, tubes, & bottles in an eco-friendly recycling way!
  • We live in this world, we believe we have a duty to keep it clean & healthy.

Mechanics, Yards & Service Bays – We Provide The Fast Turn Around That You Require. Depend on Motor Check.

Motor Check Analysis Clinic

Same Day Turn Around*
Subject to Availability
Call: 1-561-684-7799
Same Day Turn Around*
Subject to Availability
Call: 1-561-684-7799
Motor Check Oil Analysis Clinic can help you extend the life of your engine and transmission by finding problems before they become disasters. Our oil analysis testing can see what your mechanics can not. Our oil tests are suited to on-going system maintenance and for inspections and surveys for equipment sales and purchase.

Sellers – Buyers – Avoid Unknown Surprises.
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