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How We Analyze Your Oil Sample / Lube Oil Analysis

A brief summary of frequently asked questions and answers. If you can’t find it here, please contact us and we will answer your questions.

My oil sample is ready to go, where do I mail it?
Mail it to us:

Motor Check Analysis Clinic
2000 N. Florida Mango Rd. Suite: 104
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409

How can I receive my report?
We can send your report in three ways:

  1. Email it to you.
  2. Fax it to you.
  3. Mail it to you.
I just have a car, should I get my oil analyzed?
Yes. An oil analysis can give you the information for what is going on inside your engine. Also, you can save money by extending your oil interval times and everybody likes to save money.
I need my sample results, like yesterday, how can I get this done?
Well, we do not have a time machine and our DeLorean is currently being repaired, but we can overnight you a kit and we can expedite your sample. Give us a call if you need expedited service and we can get you all set up!
If I lose my report, can I get another copy?
YES. We keep all of our reports for up to 2 years. Send us an email with your name and the vehicle we did the analysis on and we can get the report out to you.
How long does it take for me to get my results?
We pride ourselves on SPEED & ACCURACY. Once we receive your sample, you should have your results by the NEXT DAY.
Do I need to buy a kit to get a sample?
No, all you need is a container to seal the oil in properly. After that, give us a call or email and we can send you our information sheet and you can send us your oil.
How much oil do you need?
Generally we would like 3oz. The bottles we send to you are 3oz. bottles and filling them should be your goal, but we can get you an accurate report with about 1oz. of oil.
Do you test new oil? Or just used oil?
Well, I guess we could test new oil… but we prefer your used oil, this way we can tell you something that will matter to you.
What is the minimum amount of time or miles I should have on my oil to get a good reading?
We would like about 600 miles or more, this way the oil has a chance to really pick up the loose material and we can give you information that will really help you. Click Here for more information.
I lost my Information Sheet, where can I get another one?
Click here to download and print it out. Yes it really is that easy.
How do I take an oil sample?
Click here to download and print it out instructions for how to take an oil sample from your motor.

Motor Check Analysis Clinic

Same Day Turn Around*
Subject to Availability
Call: 1-561-684-7799
Same Day Turn Around*
Subject to Availability
Call: 1-561-684-7799
Need Expedited Services?

Call 561-684-7799 or Email Us and we’ll set you up!

Are you a surveyor, mechanic or broker?

Call or Email Us for our surveyor, mechanic and broker prices.

  • Shipments usually arrive within 3 business days.
  • All analysis tests include bottles for samples, bottles to store oil sample bottle, tubes for oil extraction, and information sheet so we can get your results to you quickly!
  • Motor Check Information Sheet: Click here to download and print out.
  • How to Take an Oil Sample? Click here for instructions.

Our Oil Analysis Testing Includes

TBN – Total Base Number: Most labs charge extra for this, we include it. Total Base Number – this number tells you how much alkaline base reserve your oil has left. When your engine is running it creates Acids a by product of the combustion process. The base reserve comes with your oil in its additive package and is used against the acid. When your TBN is at or below 3 it is usually time to change your oil.

Spectral Exam: The Spectral Exam can tell you if you have abnormal wear in your pistons, cylinders, bearings, bushings, crankshaft, valve train, gears, clutches and much more. This exam looks for 9 different wear metals and contaminant metals in your oil.

Viscosity Exam: This exam is where we are measuring the thickness of your oil. By you informing us of your oil type(15W/40 or any other type) we will be able to see if your viscosity results are within the right range. For example, fuel dilution can thin your oil, where as coolant & soot can thicken the oil.

Oxidation: Oxidation shows the degeneration of oil & the loss of its lubricity and serviceability.

Soot (Diesel Engines Only): Soot is a normal combustion process of the Diesel Engine. This can cause an increase in the viscosity of the oil, a high reading in soot can indicate improper air/fuel ratios, defective air intakes, faulty injectors, or even blow-by.

Nitration (Gas Engine Only): Nitration products are formed during the combustion process and are often corrosive and can accelerate oil deterioration.

Additional: We also test for Water, Glycol (in most commercial anti-freezes), Fuel Dilution.

With our test you will know exactly what is going on inside your engine without having to take it apart!

Motor Check Oil Analysis Clinic can help you extend the life of your engine and transmission by finding problems before they become disasters. Our oil analysis testing can see what your mechanics can not. Our oil tests are suited to on-going system maintenance and for inspections and surveys for equipment sales and purchase.

Sellers – Buyers – Avoid Unknown Surprises.
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