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Use our Pre-Paid USPS Mailer for sending up to six (6) Motor Check sample containers. (Sample containers not included)

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Use our Pre-Paid United Parcel Service (UPS) Mailer for sending up to six (6) Motor Check sample containers. NOTE: - These pre-paid mailers are only suitable for customers in the continental United States and deliverable to the Motor Check Lab Florida business address.

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  • Shipments usually arrive within 3 business days.
  • All analysis tests include bottles for samples, bottles to store oil sample bottle, tubes for oil extraction, and information sheet so we can get your results to you quickly!
  • Motor Check Information Sheet: Click here to download and print out.
  • How to Take an Oil Sample? Click here for instructions.

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The Motor Check Oil Analysis Testing Includes:

TBN - Total Base Number: Most labs charge extra for this, we include it. Total Base Number - this number tells you how much alkaline base reserve your oil has left. When your engine is running it creates Acids a by product of the combustion process. The base reserve comes with your oil in its additive package and is used against the acid. When your TBN is at or below 3 it is usually time to change your oil.

Spectral Results: The Spectral Exam can tell you if you have abnormal wear in your pistons, cylinders, bearings, bushings, crankshaft, valve train, gears, clutches and much more. This exam looks for 9 different wear metals and contaminant metals in your oil.

Viscosity Results: The Viscosity Exam is where we are measuring the thickness of your oil. By you informing us of your oil type(15W/40 or any other type) we will be able to see if your viscosity results are within the right range. For example, fuel dilution can thin your oil, where as coolant & soot can thicken the oil.

Oxidation Results: The Oxidation exam shows the degeneration of oil & the loss of its lubricity and serviceability.

Soot (Diesel Engines Only) Results: The Soot Exam for diesel engines is a normal combustion process of the Diesel Engine. This can cause an increase in the viscosity of the oil, a high reading in soot can indicate improper air/fuel ratios, defective air intakes, faulty injectors, or even blow-by.

Nitration (Gas Engine Only) Results: The Nitration exam for gasoline engines analyzes products that are formed during the combustion process and are often corrosive and can accelerate oil deterioration.

Additional: We also test for Water, Glycol (in most commercial anti-freezes), Fuel Dilution.

With our test you will know exactly what is going on inside your engine without having to take it apart!

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