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Protect Your Investment. provides reliable and dependable automobile oil analysis, with results that you can count on. The motor oil testing kit should be part of your car's regular maintenance program.

  • All car manufacturer's and engine types may be serviced by our motor oil testing kits.
  • Certain engine models are more susceptible to wear and tear than others.
  • High performance cars require more frequent monitoring of oil than less stressed engines.
  • Classic cars and specialty cars require attention to maintain the investment. Avoid surprises at the auction or sale.
  • Our oil analysis kits can be scheduled and expedited for all auto shows and concourse exhibitions.
  • If you still have questions send us an email or give us a call at 561-684-7799.
  • MOTOR CHECK Oil Analysis Clinic

    believes in environmentally friendly practices. We dispose of our oil, tubes, & bottles in an eco-friendly recycling way!
  • We live in this world, we believe we have a duty to keep it clean & healthy.

Engine Mechanics and Shops - We Provide The Fast Turn Around That You Require To Validate the Condition of Your Engines.

24 - 48 Hour Turn Around *

*Typical, but subject to availability
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You get a blood test to determine your health. We offer a blood test for your engine!