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FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions
How We Analyze Your Oil Sample / Lube Oil Analysis.

  • My oil sample is ready to go, where do I mail it?

  • How can I receive my report?

  • I just have a car, should I get my oil analyzed?

  • I need my sample results, like yesterday, how can I get this done?

  • If I lose my report, can I get another copy?

  • How long does it take for me to get my results?

  • Do I need to buy a kit to get a sample?

  • How much oil do you need?

  • Do you test new oil? Or just used oil?

  • What is the minimum amount of time or miles I should have on my oil to get a good reading?

  • I lost my Information Sheet, where can I get another one?

  • How do I take an oil sample?

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